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A Lords of Fate Novel

She thinks she’s in America—he knows she’s not. A hardened duke has no choice but to take her in, in this steamy, Regency-era historical.

Get your copy of this K.J. Jackson bestseller today! A stand-alone historical romance, featuring an undeniable man, a strong woman, and hold your breath adventure. 


The story…
January, 1821
One on the wrong side of the ocean.
Lost and wandering the woods, Wynne Theaton was surviving quite nicely until Rowen Lockton appeared. He saves her from getting trampled by a thief’s horse, but then becomes insistent on showing her where she truly is…

One refusing to deny fate.
Fate tossed Miss Theaton into his path, and the Duke of Letson is not one to deny fate. But the woman comes with a host of problems, not the least of which is her belief that she is in another country.

An undeniable attraction neither expected.
He was not looking for a wife. She was only searching for home. But fate has very different plans for the two of them—if they can survive the secrets of the past, of the forgotten.

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Reader Reviews:

5stars“The chemistry between the Hero and Heroine is wonderfully developed and every conversation between the two leaves you wanting more.” — Crystal L. Smith

5stars“I love how the characters in this book are unique from the other books. I don’t feel like I am reading a story that is the same as her other books, so I don’t find it predictable which is great! The characters, the villains and the paths they take, are all different from each other!!!” — Akpride89

5stars“The story is action, romance, crime and psychological thriller. Lots of surprises. I would rate this book as R-rated. There are several tasteful, story appropriate explicit scenes between the duke and the painter.” – Nice Guy

5stars“Once again K. J. Jackson has done it. This book has it all, romance, suspense, history. The strong female is a plus. The “nefarious” male is great. This is a must read.” – Rita Young