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A Lords of Action Novel

A disillusioned earl saves an innocent woman from the worst possible fate, and then vows to never touch her, in this steamy, Regency-era historical.

Get your copy of this K.J. Jackson bestseller today! A stand-alone historical romance, featuring an undeniable man, a strong woman, and hold your breath adventure. 


The story…
April, 1822
“I have sworn twice in my life I would no longer touch you, Ara. And I have attempted it twice. But I am not a man that can stand by that particular vow.” 

She prayed for death.
Stolen from her home, sold for her innocence, all Ara Detton wanted was death. One man stood in her way, Caine Farlington. Ara is forced to survive, forced to rebuild her life. A life that is orderly, busy—with a destiny that is her own. All would be perfect, if not for having to hide her love for the man that once saved her. The man that forced her to live, to survive, to flourish.

He refuses to let her go.
In search of his missing betrothed, Caine Farlington, the Earl of Newdale, quite by accident, saves Ara from the worst possible fate. Six years later, Ara is an indispensable part of his life—even if he has to curb his need to touch her at every turn.

The one you love is not always the one you think you need.
Neither one of them is prepared to let the other go. But to remain together, both must find redemption and learn to forgive secrets of the past.


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Reader Reviews:

5stars“Ms. Jackson’s Vow is a superb novel. I liked the characters tremendously and was totally engaged in this story from the first chapter.” — Melissa, Vine Voice

5stars“I really loved Ara, I was able to connect with her level of passion and I think a lot of readers will too…Their partnership is a strong one that compliments each other so well and reading about their relationship dynamics was always believable, frustrating at times, of course, lol. They’re human and that’s what makes the characters so easily relate-able which is so important! It was a great book, you won’t be disappointed!!” — Akpride89

5stars“BUY BUY BUY….. Okay now that this part is out of the way. How many love authors that can tell a story that immerses you in the plot line? Definitely I do! I enjoy the characters the way this author has written them. The story has pathos, drama, plot line, romance, and passion. It keeps you reading and rooting for the characters as the plots unfold and you sit wondering what will happen to them next. The love and passion that is written inside the story will thrill you.” – Swedenmom

5stars“This book had me by the heartstrings from the very beginning! Ara was such a beautiful, selfless individual even though surviving a horrendous, life-altering incident that would have hardened any other lady of her era. This particular book I highly recommend be read when you have time to relax and enjoy it as once you begin, you will not want to put it down – I couldn’t…” – Kathleen Toliver