Meet the men that will steal your breath away…

Stone Devil Duke, Hold Your Breath

The man: Devin A duke that swore to never love. Ebook currently FREE!

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Unmasking the Marquess, HOLD YOUR BREATH

The man: Killian
 Hell-bent on revenge, he will be hated before he is loved.

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My Captain, My Earl, Hold Your Breath

The man: Jason
 An earl trapped on the high seas, he gives his life for his lady captain.

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Worth of a Duke, Lords of Fate

The man: Rowen
 Harboring secrets, a hardened duke takes in an American lady lost in his woods.

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Earl of Destiny, Lords of Fate

The man: Sebastian
 An earl with destiny on his side, he is determined to make a spinster his own.

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Marquess of Fortune, Lords of Fate

The man: Garek
 Attempting to escape his past, he entangles himself with a lady in desperate need of his help.

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Vow, Lords of Action

The man: Caine  His honor is the only thing standing between him and his love.

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Find your undeniable man today! Bestsellers, each is a steamy, stand-alone historical romance with strong women, undeniable men, and hold your breath adventure. Guaranteed happily-ever-afters!

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Reader Reviews:

5stars“The chemistry between the Hero and Heroine is wonderfully developed and every conversation between the two leaves you wanting more.” — Crystal L. Smith

5stars“I love how the characters in this book are unique from the other books. I don’t feel like I am reading a story that is the same as her other books, so I don’t find it predictable which is great! The characters, the villains and the paths they take, are all different from each other!!!” — Akpride89

5stars“The story is action, romance, crime and psychological thriller. Lots of surprises. I would rate this book as R-rated. There are several tasteful, story appropriate explicit scenes between the duke and the painter.” – Nice Guy

5stars“Once again K. J. Jackson has done it. This book has it all, romance, suspense, history. The strong female is a plus. The “nefarious” male is great. This is a must read.” – Rita Young