Hold Your Breath Series

A thousand reasons to hold your breath, and one to let it go.
Historical romance with strong women, undeniable men, and adventure. 

Note: The Hold Your Breath books are each stand-alone stories, Regency-era historicals that can be read individually in any order.

My Captain, My Earl
A Hold Your Breath Novel


My Captain, My Earl, A Hold Your Breath Novel
A lady pirate saves a lost earl on the high seas. More…  

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Unmasking the Marquess
A Hold Your Breath Novel


Unmasking the Marquess, A Hold Your Breath Novel
A marquess that marries for revenge. An innocent caught in his trap. More…

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Stone Devil Duke
The Hold Your Breath series begins:


Stone Devil Duke, A Hold Your Breath Novel
A lady in life-threatening trouble stumbles into a duke’s life–and heart. More…  

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30 thoughts on “Hold Your Breath Series

  1. Cinda says:

    Thank you for such a great series, I love how you entangled the friends and families lives together. Your women characters are lovely and bold and I am glad you give woman in this time period a voice of their own.

  2. VARNIKA says:

    Loved reading the Stone Devil Duke.The story has a great plot with so many turns. Was wondering whether there is a story on Jason, Aggs’s brother?

  3. Anne Marie De Cesare Paris says:

    Hi K.J.Jackson.
    Just finished the book. I cannot praise this book enough, it keeps you on edge and literally holding your breath through out the whole reading. You are an amazing author.
    I am currently on a reading marathon of your books. 😊😊

    • kjkjackson says:

      Hi Anne Marie!
      Thanks so much! And fantastic that you are on a marathon–I love to hear it! Hope the life treats you to lots of leisure time to do so :-)!!!
      All the best!

  4. Threrese says:

    Stone Devil Duke was wonderful! So unlike other regency novels with a strong fighter heroine! Loved it! Are your books in libraries also?

    • kjkjackson says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words! It’s true, I like my heroines feisty 🙂 As for the whole collection, some libraries carry them, but it is quite hit or miss. I often do sales on them, and the best way to find out about them is by signing up for my VIP newsletter if you haven’t already: Link
      Have a great night!

    • kjkjackson says:

      Hi Maggie-
      Fantastic-so glad you liked them. Yes, what would be #4, Worth of a Duke, actually starts a new set of three, the Lords of Fate series, but the main character is the Duke of Letson (remember him from My Captain, My Earl?). I like sets of three, even though this could have been a Hold Your Breath novel. And we see characters from the other two books pop on in on Worth of a Duke as well.

      And then the second one in this series will be out in just a few weeks (October 8).

      Check Worth of a Duke out here https://authorkjjackson.wordpress.com/k-j-jackson/my-writing/lords-of-fate-series/

      Have fun checking them out, and have a great weekend!

  5. Noor says:

    Dear kj jackson,
    I read your book “stone devil duke” on kobo books, and seriously im in love with the story!! Words cant tell how much i like the story and your hands i wish i could read your other books too but unfortunately my dad wont let me buy books anymore 😥 i buy books and try to read them but they dont catch my interest and its the first book i’ve completed and i read it in 3 days!
    I really wish i could support you and buy them 😥
    but i also wish i could read your other books too x(
    But i have a request..
    Please please please never stop writing books like that, historical and romance are my favourite genre, your’re my favorite author now! And please write more and more stories like “stone devil duke”. And i hope you become more and more successfull

    • kjkjackson says:

      Hi Cathy-
      I do too! (Love the strong women!) I know they are out of the “norm” for a traditional Regency, but that’s why I write them, because I like out of the “norm.” It took all kinds to create history 🙂

      Thanks for readying and liking!

  6. cherie says:

    Very well written. Enjoyed the story, characters evolved nicely. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Best wishes for continued success!

  7. Gabrielle says:

    I just finished Stone Devil Duke… Love love loveeeed it! Can’t wait to finish the rest of the Hold Your Breath Series and fall in love all over again with the many different characters. I was literally falling asleep reading because I couldn’t put it down! 5 ***** (stars)!

  8. Deb says:

    I truly enjoyed the Stone Devil Duke!!! House work was left until I finished the book. It has everything a story needs to be good!! Mystery, intrigue, surprise and suspense!! Great read. Will finish the series

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