Triple Infinity – Your free copy is waiting…


Triple Infinity, A Flame Moon Novel, Volume II

The next captivating story in the Flame Moon series by K.J. Jackson.

A quiet, unremarkable peace.

That was the state of life Charlotte lived in before Skye came into their mountain town, and exploded everything. Her life. Triaten’s life.

And Charlotte and Triaten go down a path that never should have been breached. A path that tears their friendships apart.

As Aiden continues to train Skye against the threats of the flame moon, Triaten and Charlotte must find a way to come back from their worst mistake.

To prove that explosions aren’t always bad. And that fate, and destiny, are maybe worth paying attention to.

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One thought on “Triple Infinity – Your free copy is waiting…

  1. babycygnet says:

    I stayed up all last night reading Flame Moon…I so loved It ! I’m so excited about the second book that I foresee another “sleepless” night . I’m hooked. I will be delving into the other books as well ….I can’t wait….what adventure!

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