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sleeping outside me

Dreaming up fantastical stories. Yes, that is a rusty tin can.

Hi! If you are here looking at this page, you must be wondering a bit about me. I know I like checking out authors I like—where they live, what they do, what they think about.

I think the best way to get a picture of who I am and what makes me tick, is to couple your imagination with a list of my most favorite things in the world. Then you can create your own crazy picture of who I am. Hence, the “Best Evers” list below.

But if the list is no fun, and you are dying to know something specific about me, let me know in the comments. Maybe I will tell, maybe I won’t—depends on what you ask!

Best Evers (in random order)

  • Columbia Fleece jackets. Any color, Full zip.
  • Rembrandt Gouda sliced thin over Broders’ Cucina Italiana flatbread (a twin cities winner — I get three or four when I stop by there).
  • The instrumental in the second half of Natalie Merchant’s When They Ring The Golden Bells.
  • Road trips. Anywhere—US or overseas. 
  • My two kids and husband (of course!), and the rest of the fam!
  • My dog’s head nestled into my lap.
  • Ken Burns: The National Parks: America’s Best Idea documentary series.
  • Almost anything written in Men’s Journal (some of the smartest articles around).
  • My volleyball team.
  • The smell at the top of a mountain.
  • Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina.
  • Turtles hatching on Heron Island, Australia.
  • Laughing with my dearest friends.
  • A very specific watering hole near Dandridge, Tennessee.
  • My toes buried in white sand.
  • Watching people I love fall in love. 
  • An organized junk drawer (it never happens, but when it does—shazam!)
  • The pork entree at the Dakota Jazz Club.
  • The giant jackalope at Wall Drug, South Dakota.
  • The one day in summer it is warm enough for me to bare my arms at night.
  • Being able to sleep in.

A snapshot, but paints some sort of a picture—whatever that may be!

I love to hear other people’s Best Evers, especially if it is somewhere fantastic that I must visit someday—add your own in the comments, if you feel like sharing!

In case you missed my boiler plate:

I specialize in paranormal and historical romance, will work for travel, and am a sucker for a good story in any genre. I live in Minnesota with my husband, two children, and a dog who has taken the sport of bed-hogging to new heights.

Contact Me:

I love to hear from readers! Here’s how to connect:

Email: mailto:kjk19jackson@gmail.com

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Like me at: https://www.facebook.com/kjjacksonauthor

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16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Victoria Lea Kenning says:

    Magnificently crafted plot lines. Characters that are both well-developed and enticing (I’m referring to the Flame Moon series)
    I wish you had a better copyeditor though. Spellcheck cannot catch homonyms or inappropriate prepositions both in placement and function. Nor can it deal with missing words.
    I can read over them all, but wish I was reading on paper or Word so I could make the corrections. That’s a foible of us who are copyeditors using Kindle
    I want more of these books please. I’m looking forward to see where you might go in the future with Shiv. You left it wide open at the end of Flux for both her and Damen’s child. And what is next for the council of elders?

  2. Donna says:

    I just read your lords of fate ..loved them!!!will there be a third book with the ending of the second ..the suspense with what happens to her sister lilly??? It’s driving me crazy . .lol

    • kjkjackson says:

      Hi Donna and good morning!
      Yes! There absolutely is a third coming out — it is currently in-progress, and while I’d like to say it will be out be the end of the year, that may be pushing it with the holidays and editor’s schedules and whatnot. Sooo, winter is the best I can commit to right now — but that’s only a few months away 🙂
      So happy you liked them!
      All the best!

  3. Leah Watson says:

    I have just read the Flame Moon and enjoyed your writing style and the plot development. You allow the twists in the story to not be distracting, and keep the reader engaged. In particular, I like how you give enough description to set the scene, never over pacing the story. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful stories.

    • kjkjackson says:

      Hi Leah-
      Thanks so much for taking the time to write! It is always a fantastic thing when a writer and reader’s styles match! It is just like meeting a stranger on the street — some you will like and some you won’t — so I am always honored when someone enjoys my style. Have a great weekend!

  4. Carly Sabatino says:

    I stumbled upon Flame Moon when looking for a new series to read. Wow. I couldn’t have stumbled better. I love the series. Its the kind I could read forever. Fantastic story, love the characters. Definitely one of my fav trilogies ever. Hope to read more about Shiv, Sameness, Leander and the groups kids.

    • kjkjackson says:

      So happy you took a good stumble onto these! I’m working hard on a couple of historicals right now, but then will get back to the fun in the mountains! Thanks for letting me know — I love hearing from readers — it makes all the hard work worthwhile! (And makes my whole week!) All the best–K.J.

  5. Donna says:

    I loved this book series I have read all three twice and can’t get enough I really hope you write more of them in the future even if it is a book about shiv as a main character.

    • kjkjackson says:

      That is awesome — twice each! So much fun. Yes, there will be more, but they will be started later this year. I am just happy an actual thaw is coming to my part of the world these days, so it’s is so hard to think into fall at this point! Thanks for writing — all the best! K.J.

  6. Ashleigh says:

    I love the book series and could barely put them down, I hope you write and publish more amazing work soon 🙂 good luck and have as much fun writing as I do reading your books! X

    • kjkjackson says:

      Thanks so much! I loved writing them, and already miss those crazy characters of mine since working on a different project this past month. I’ll be sure to let you know when the next project is out!
      All the best–K.J.

  7. christina cox says:

    was hoping shiv and tri were going to be together i didn’t really like whats her name she seemed whiney and using him didn’t seem like she wanted him until after she was told they had guys lined up for her shiv and tri seemed better suited

  8. Tracey says:

    The cliff hanger was harsh! I enjoyed the plot choices in this book. Read this in 12 hours could not put it down. Please hurry with book 3

    • kjkjackson says:

      I know! That is a sticky mess I left them all, isn’t it? Let’s just say the characters and I have been spending a lot of quality time together as of late!

  9. christina cox says:

    Was disappointed when I realized Shi and tri we’re not going to be together(they should have been) it seemed like what’s her name was using him a little well maybe in the third hope Shi isn’t evil

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