A desperate lady is forced to depend upon a formidable duke — and gets a surprise chance at love…

Check out the latest adventure: Of Valor & Vice, A Revelry’s Tempest Novel


Near destitute with her young nieces to provide for, what is a recently widowed lady of the ton to do? Opening a gaming house ought to do…

My latest stand-alone historical romance is now live on all sites —and bonus for my readers, it’s launching with a sale  — get your copy today for just $0.99 (only for an awesomely limited time)!

Check it out today: Of Valor & Vice, A Revelry’s Tempest Novel:

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Just like all my Regency and Victorian era books, this historical romance showcases an undeniable man, a strong lady, and hold your breath adventure.


Her life was charmed, until it was not.
Near destitute after the sudden death of her wastrel husband, Lady Pipworth must find a way to support herself and her young nieces until her brother returns home to assume his role as head of the family. Thanks to her three brothers that raised her, Adalia’s one outstanding skill in life is gambling, and with a dower house now at her disposal, plans to fill the coffers—scandal begetting or not—begin to take shape.

A mysterious duke with one goal in mind.
The Duke of Dellon is interested in nothing more than fulfilling the needs of running his ducal estate. As for a wife and an heir—he will get to it, eventually—as long as it fits neatly into his orderly life. But when a long-ago vow rears, landing upon his shoulders, he obligingly sets out to do what is required of him—stop Lady Pipworth from the foolery of operating a gaming house. And, if he should need to, marry the woman.

 A vow invoked from the grave leads to a secret that could destroy everything.
Her gaming house a success, the last thing Adalia wants is an arrogant duke poking into her affairs. But when a sudden death threatens the very thing she holds dearest, can she possibly trust the one man that can save her and her nieces?

I hope you check it out this Regency romance: Amazon US ~ Nook ~ iBook ~ Kobo ~ Google
Amazon UK ~ Amazon CA ~ Amazon AU.

All the best, and happy reading! Be sure to tell me what you think — I love hearing from readers!


5 thoughts on “A desperate lady is forced to depend upon a formidable duke — and gets a surprise chance at love…

  1. veronicab433 says:

    I’m reading Stone Devil Duke, I wish it had a different title, but I like the heroine , Aggie. She’s amazing for that time period. I will post my comments on to Goodreads.

  2. Elaine Hamner-Yard says:

    I have been enjoying your books for several years and today I read the latest
    ‘of Valor and Vice. Intricate plotting so i must read a second time to make sure I got it all. Like the H and h and the spitfire confrontations. Never would have suspected the ending…. thus the second reading to see if you left the reader any hints…. such fun. Elaine

  3. carolintallahassee says:

    Hi K. J.
    Here is my review, it doesn’t say Arc, because I bought it. I have you on automatic pre order. However, I appreciate the Arc, so I could have it out today! Truly loved the book!

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