That dastardly virgin buyer!

Join the latest adventure: Vow, A Lords of Action Novel

VowMy latest is a stand-alone historical and a kick-off to a new series, but if you read Marquess of Fortune, you might have noted Lord Newdale, the virgin buyer that almost married Lily. But wait — he buys virgins for sport, and he gets a story?! You bet he does, because nothing is ever as it may seem (cue wicked smile)! So here he is, the star of his own story in my latest historical romance : Vow, A Lords of Action Novel!

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Caine and Ara’s story intersects with Lily’s story in a non-linear way, but no need to have read any of my other historical books,  as this is a stand-alone.

Just like all my Regency and Victorian era books, this historical romance showcases strong women, undeniable men, and hold your breath adventure. I hope you like it!


“I have sworn twice in my life I would no longer touch you, Ara. And I have attempted it twice. But I am not a man that can stand by that particular vow.” 

She prayed for death.
Stolen from her home, sold for her innocence, all Ara Detton wanted was death. One man stood in her way, Caine Farlington. Ara is forced to survive, forced to rebuild her life. A life that is orderly, busy—with a destiny that is her own. All would be perfect, if not for having to hide her love for the man that once saved her. The man that forced her to live, to survive, to flourish.

He refuses to let her go.
In search of his missing betrothed, Caine Farlington, the Earl of Newdale, quite by accident, saves Ara from the worst possible fate. Six years later, Ara is an indispensable part of his life—even if he has to curb his need to touch her at every turn.

The one you love is not always the one you think you need.
Neither one of them is prepared to let the other go. But to remain together, both must find redemption and learn to forgive secrets of the past.

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All the best, and happy reading! Be sure to tell me what you think — I love hearing from readers!