So excited–Stone Devil Duke has just been published!

The Hold Your Breath series begins…

The first in my brand new historical romance series hit stores today, Stone Devil Duke, A Hold Your Breath Novel!

Available on Amazon US, Amazon UKNookGoogle Play and iTunes (other distribution channels should have it available within a week), this Regency era series showcases strong women, undeniable men, and hold your breath adventure.

I loved writing Stone Devil Duke, as along with the fantasy genre, historicals are my other romance favorites.I hope you will enjoy their journey, just as much as I did!

Here is the short snippet about Stone Devil Duke, A Hold Your Breath Novel:

London, 1819
Marked for death, Lady Augustine Christopherson finds herself scouring the slums of London in a desperate search to find the men who killed her father, and are determined to dispose of her. To protect her family, to protect herself, she is determined to find the men before they find her.

The last thing she wanted was an entanglement with a duke that threatens her very survival…

Hardened long ago, the last thing the Duke of Dunway wanted was an entanglement with a chit of the ton. But in the flash of a pistol, his fate is altered as he finds himself honor-bound to protect Lady Augustine from, of all things, herself.

Amazon USAmazon UKNook, and Google Play

All the best, and happy reading! Be sure to tell me what you think — I love hearing from readers!


9 thoughts on “So excited–Stone Devil Duke has just been published!

  1. Elanagh says:

    I had read this book a little while back, but I reread it more often than most of the other books that i have read, and trust me, that is a lot! I leave it downloaded on my Kindle at all times ( just in case). I loved how the story came together!! I got all tingly and excited!! I am looking for you in the library next time I go, in hopes that I can find all your books!

    • kjkjackson says:

      Thanks for commenting over here, as well — I love that it’s a read-again for you. Some libraries do carry them, some don’t. It’s hit or miss on what they choose to include, so I hope you can find them. Good luck!

  2. alberta hopkins says:

    I just finished reading “Stone Devil Duke”.i did not like how it ended.I hope that in “Hold Your Breath”,you will include Aggie,Devin and Jason.please make this book longer.i truly loved verything except the way it ended.

    • kjkjackson says:

      I am so happy you loved almost all of it! And thanks for shooting me the note–it is so much fun to hear from readers. The next one in the series centers on Killian, but yes Devin and Aggie do make some spirited appearances. Jason is next in line, and I am really liking right now how his story is starting to shape up in my mind (and on digital paper)! Hope you have a great night!
      All the best-

      • Deborah Bowens says:

        hello, i am new to your writing- and i very much enjoyed the Devil Stone… and on your site now to see when the next in the series will be published. i am impatient, I know. Oh yea, what she said- Devil stone should have been longer and the ending —– I wanted more.

        • kjkjackson says:

          Thanks for the note! Impatience does have its place, and I am trying hard myself not to be too impatient for Killian’s story to be out. If all goes well, I hope it can launch more in late summer, but we’ll see. Have a great week!

  3. JackieSmithAuthor says:

    Congratulations! Such a great feeling! I’m getting ready for the release of my second book! I will definitely check yours out. Your blog stood out to me in particular because my sister’s name is KJ. 🙂

    • kjkjackson says:

      Thanks so much–it is a great feeling! I tried to check out yours, but there are, apparently, a lot of Jackie Smiths out there, so wasn’t sure which one you are. Good luck with your release! All the best – K.J.

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