Flux Flame: Flame Moon #3 has hit Amazon!

Before the leaves leave the trees…

Flux Flame: Flame Moon #3Although it’s been a few weeks since the official start of Fall, as promised, the third novel in the Flame Moon series: Flux Flame, has now hit Amazon US and UK and CA (Barnes & Noble, and other distribution channels should have it available within a week).

You all, the readers, are the best! You’ve waited patiently for Flame Moon #3: Flux Flame to hit shelves, and the reviews and messages you’ve shared so far are so appreciated — I thank you! I love these characters, and I hope you will continue to enjoy their journey, just as much as I did!

Oh, and no cliffhanger, this time — just some open doors. Always good to have an open door or two!

All the best, and happy reading! Be sure to tell me what you think — I love hearing from readers!

8 thoughts on “Flux Flame: Flame Moon #3 has hit Amazon!

  1. Marsha Massino says:

    I just finished Flux Flame. I am sorry that I’ve managed to reach the end of the three books. I enjoyed all three. Thank you so much for sharing your writing with the world!

    I am looking forward to book four! Do you have a timeline for that?

    Thank you!

    • kjkjackson says:

      Hi Marsha-
      Thanks so much for reading and enjoying! I wish I could zoom ahead and have a definitive answer on the timeline for you, but I don’t yet, and would hate to put a date out and disappoint. I do plan on it in 2015, but that is even more vague, isn’t it? Hopefully, it will be in the summer if all goes well.
      All the best! -K.J.

      • Elanagh says:

        I just finished the second one and moving quite quickly onto the third!! It is outstanding to know that there is going to be a fourth book!! Since it is, now, the summer of 2015, is there a more definitive time on the release of the fourth book?? Or have I missed it and it is already out? Also, I was wonder if Flux Flame is a free Kindle download just like the other two?

        • kjkjackson says:

          Yes, I know I have been tiptoeing around the next installments of the Flame series for some time now. I am currently working on two other books right now, and then hope to get back to the FM world after that. Tricky stuff, trying to fit it all in!
          But I will keep you posted!

        • kjkjackson says:

          Oh, and I forgot to answer your question — Flux Flame is not a free download anywhere, and I do not have any plans for making it so in the near future. (Unless you count pirating sites, of course.) As much as I would love to be super-generous about it, I do have to pay bills just like everyone else. And since it’s less than the cost of many people’s morning coffees, I don’t feel bad about charging for a few hours worth of entertainment. All the best!

    • kjkjackson says:

      Yes! If you’re not near the end yet, I won’t ruin it, but by the end of Flux Flame, (no evil cliffhangers on this one), you’ll hopefully be looking for more from both Damen and Shiv, which is exactly what is next in the line-up after I finish a couple of other projects.

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