It’s out! The latest in the Flame Moon series: Triple Infinity

I know, it’s been a bit of a wait, but out now: Triple Infinity, A Flame Moon Novel: Volume 2.

Triple InfinityTriple Infinity delves deep into the lives of Triaten and Charlotte, and of course, Aiden and Skye are back for more action!

Download it today!

4 thoughts on “It’s out! The latest in the Flame Moon series: Triple Infinity

  1. Elanagh says:

    I have a huge problem with Shiv! I was kind of rooting for her. Okay, I was really rooting for her. She was such a strong Character! And now she is bad? Ish? I kept thinking things would turn around for her, something would go terribly wrong between Triaten and Charlotte, but it never happened! I am not quite sure what I am hoping for in the next book, but I am completely on edge. I can’t believe Triple Infinity ended like this! Agghhhh, it’s killing me! I really hope to see something turn out right for Shiv and Skye, for once! They seem to have terrible luck!

  2. Christina Manco says:

    You are an evil individual…I hope that you’re working hard on that third volume! Lol great book, took me a lot longer to finish since my second baby was born 6 weeks ago then my 21 month old is running rampage haha! But I got it done in a day and was immensely satisfied at all of the twists and turns and great action. Loved the new views from Triaten and Charlotte and the still occasional from Aiden and Skye. Do you have a projected due date for the 3rd volume? Can NOT wait 😀

    • kjkjackson says:

      I know — I am a bit evil. And I knew it when I did it. And then I pondered for quite some time, on whether I would keep the cliffhanger in. Hence the apology at the end (I must admit, I am not a fan of cliffhangers myself). Good news is, yep, hard at work on #3. And I like where it is going, so hopefully it’ll just flow and be super quick. That being said, reality tells me it’ll be a quite a few months of hard work. So I’m hoping for fall. It seems a bit unfair that I know what’s going to happen and no one else does!:-)

      Congrats on the baby, and juggling the toddler — my two were 21 months apart as well — good times those first months! Soak up all the “2 under 2” good will from folks!

      • Christina Manco says:

        Thank you 🙂
        Wow fall is a lot sooner then I had expected, yay! Yeah I hate cliffhangers but deep down it’s really exciting 😉 because you really are stuck in the dark and the anticipation is fun.
        Can’t wait 😀

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